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Why Write?

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Why take on the challenge of writing 500 words every day for a month?

What do I hope to accomplish?

What’s my over-arching theme?

The truth is, I’m not really sure. When I started this challenge there was nothing specific I wanted to write about, or a project I had lined up to finish. The only tangible goals I hoped to accomplish were becoming a better writer, and writing more frequently.

There were two main factors driving these desires.  Continue reading

I meditated (almost) every day for a month straight. Here’s how you can too.


Last month I participated in a 30-day meditation challenge.

The idea was simple: Meditate 10 minutes every day for one month.

If the word “meditation” carries too much baggage for you, think of it this way – I was challenging myself to find 10 minutes every day to sit still and just be. This would involve finding the time and space to sit down, close my eyes, and turn off my mind. I could focus on my breath for guidance, but was supposed to let the seemingly constant noise of regular thoughts come and go, without dwelling on them.

When I saw my friend Steve post this challenge on his Facebook page, I knew I had to dive right in. I’ve been wanting to incorporate a regular meditation practice into my daily routine for a while now, since the benefits of skillful relaxation that meditation are hugely appealing. Less anxiety, better moods, feeling calmer in the face of stress and adversity. Who couldn’t use more of that?

Plus, if I couldn’t find 10 minutes every day to prioritize something as simple as being still and shutting up, then there were bigger issues I needed to address. Continue reading

Life Is Long

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“life, if you know how to use it, is long”

– Seneca

Life truly is long.

It’s been just over a year since I took steps for a full week without crutches, after seven and a half months of incapacity. In some ways this seems like just yesterday, but in all the meaningful ways it feels like a lifetime ago. Continue reading