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Paleo f(x) 2014 Summary

Paleo f(x) logo

Last week I attended Paleo f(x), one of the largest conferences in the country focused on ancestral health and the Paleo lifestyle. The three-day event in Austin, Texas, brings together the top thought leaders, researchers, bloggers, and podcasters in the world of health, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle design.

If at this point you’re imagining a convention center full of buff dudes in crossfit t-shirts and vibram fivefingers… you’re pretty much spot on.

But despite the surface-level appearance, the conference far exceeded my expectations. Once I touched down in Austin, my weekend was packed to the gills with useful information, thought-provoking speakers, and opportunities to socialize with new friends. The concept of attending a conference in my free time was new to me, but I will say this much: I plan to be back next year!

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A Real YOLO Weekend

Last weekend I pulled a true YOLO maneuver.

After my alma mater and childhood college basketball teams (Wisconsin and UCONN) each made the Final Four, I pulled the trigger on flights to Dallas, and quickly bought tickets to both the semifinal and championship games. Being a big sports fan, I realized how rare it was for two teams I root for make it to the semifinals with the possibility of matching up for a championship. I decided I had to be there.

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