About The Mindful Caveman

Hi, I’m Bryan Tublin, and thanks for checking out The Mindful Caveman!

My goal is to shed light on a simpler approach to living a healthy life, one that begins with embracing the intuition of our ancestors, and applying those principles to the reality of modern day living.

I’m a 28 year-old lifelong learner with a passion for food, health, and active living. Born and raised on the East Coast, I currently live and work in San Francisco for a fitness technology startup. I study holistic nutrition in my spare time, and am on a journey to achieving true health and happiness. 

Sounds all neat and tidy, right? I wish.

For years I was a health enthusiast in a “mainstream” way. A lifelong athlete, I worked out at the gym and played sports for fun. Vanity didn’t drive me, but I pushed myself hard to become the highest performing version of myself I possibly could.

But I missed one important piece of the puzzle – I never stopped to think about how I feltThat led me down a path of overtraining, stagnation, and eventually to a chronic injury that has changed my outlook on health and fitness forever.

An over-use injury suffered in early 2012 slowly spiraled into a physically drawn-out and emotionally traumatic recovery process. For over two years, I was forced to dig deep into researching why the body breaks down, and how you can build it back up.

Struggling through this injury has sent me searching for a better way. A better way to heal, eat, sleep, think, stay fit, and live a healthy life. The common theme through everything I’ve learned has been to listen to my body. To quiet the modern noise and return to a simpler way of thinking and living.

There’s wisdom in our primal desires to move, play, laugh, rest, and eat real food.

Humans have evolved to survive and thrive for thousands of years, yet we often overlook this fact when thinking about food, health, and happiness on a daily basis.

We need to re-learn the basics: what to eat, how to move, even how to think. Slow down, back up, and start with how humans have evolved as a basic template. Then adapt it to our modern lifestyles to maximize health and happiness.

I hope this blog can provide a roadmap of sorts. A path to health, happiness, and conscious living.

That’s what I’m after. Thank you for joining me in my journey!


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