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Note To Self: Stop Caring About What Other People Think

“You do not want to lie on your deathbed with the knowledge that things could have been better if you had not spent so much time making assumptions about what total strangers might be thinking.”

Jason Seib, Author, The Paleo Coach; Co-Owner, Clackamas Physical Conditioning and Everyday Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness

Note to self:

Get out of your own head.

Do things that make you feel good, and stop worrying about what other people think. Everyone is just as insecure and unsure of themselves as you are. It just appears like they have their shit together.  Continue reading

3 Easy Steps To Getting Started With Paleo

eggs in carton

I love breakfast. It’s probably my favorite meal of the day. There’s something innately enjoyable and nostalgic for me about starting off the day with a delicious, filling meal.

But the food I eat for breakfast today differs significantly from several years ago. My approach to this meal has changed as I learned more about proper nutrition, and began tweaking my diet in a Paleo direction.

Taking a step back, my evolving breakfast plate is a microcosm for the larger three-step approach I used to transition to real food eating. It’s a gradual process anyone can adopt, implemented over the course of months, not days. While slow and simple in nature, it’s a reliable, realistic, and sustainable approach to making dietary changes. Continue reading

Beginner’s Guide to Healthy Eating

Empty plate with fork, knife, and spoon

“The day you stop improving is the day you start dying.”

Pedram Shojai

“I really need to start eating healthier… Can you just tell me what to eat so I can fix my diet?”

I hear some version of this phrase all the time. Friends, family, co-workers – so many young people say they want to “eat healthier” but don’t know where to start. Continue reading

From People Pleasing to Conscious Eating: My Journey to Paleo


Orange tea mug

“Eat only when you feel hungry. Notice and feel your hunger. This is conscious eating.”

Deepak Chopra


I spit into the sink, wiping my tongue with my hands. “Do you know how many CALORIES were in that!”

It was a Saturday night senior year in college, and my roommates and I were throwing our annual “bathtub party.” Friends were over, music was blasting, and our bathtub was filled with ice and the finest 30-racks of cheap beer a few college kids could buy.

Needless to say, we weren’t at our best and brightest. Continue reading

Getting Started

Starting Line

“Making a decision was only the beginning of things.”

Paulo Coehlo, The Alchemist

It’s amazing what happens when you acknowledge your circumstances, and just get started toward your goal.

For instance:

  • Six months ago, I was confined to my couch, unable to walk down the street
  • Six years ago, I was looking for my first job out of college amidst the toughest economic environment in decades
  • Sixteen years back, I was a chunky 10 year-old trying to prove my athletic worth to Little League coaches and teammates

The common thread to overcoming each obstacle? Accepting where I was, and getting started by taking small steps to reach my goal. Continue reading