My Healing Practice

After 18 months of trial and error, I’ve settled on a daily set of rituals that are helping me heal. Even typing those words is a revelation, since for the longest time I was pessimistic there was anything I could do on my own that would help.

I used to think the trick to getting better was to find the right combination of physical fixes that would cure me – some kind of pill, ointment, or physical therapy. I’ve since realized that approach is too narrow. What I needed was a combination of mental, physical, nutritional, and spiritual practices that triggered by my body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Since beginning the practices, I’ve realized they aren’t just beneficial to someone recovering from an injury or illness. In fact, I wish I discovered these benefits earlier, before I was injured. Everyone can enhance their lives by adopting a similar practice, and customizing it to their unique situation. Hopefully seeing what I’ve implemented sparks enough curiosity for you to find something similar that works for you.

Here are the goals behind each part of my healing practice. The details will follow in subsequent posts.

My Healing Practice Goals

  • Relax
  • Reinforce a positive mindset
  • Live life in the present
  • Nourish my body
  • Move

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